What is Varun India XTS API’s?

Varun India XTS API is a REST based Trading API. Our REST API’s will help you to develop your own trading and investment platform and integrate with our Trading system. Using our REST API you can execute orders in real time, monitor your positions, manage your portfolio and much more. This will give you personalized experience using your own innovative trading features.

We have two type of API’s

How do they work?

You need to have an active Equity trading account with Varun Broking India Limited to generate the API Authentication keys. If you already have one, you can sign up for a developer account and get started instantly. There is a fixed fee for accessing API’s, you can see after logging in to developer account.

Are these API’s only for Developers who know coding?

Not Really!! Any trader who has trading idea can use our REST API and ask any third party Developer to code your trading tool and connect to our trading system. Your developer can develop the logic in Excel, Charting like Amibroker, NinjaTraderetc, JAVA, dotNet, C+, Python etc programing languages and connect your tool to our trading system using our REST API.

Can I get Simulation Trading before going Live?

Yes. You can contact us at info@varunindia.com

Some key benefits of Varun Capital XTS API

- You can build your own trading interface using our Varun Capital XTS API

- Without risking your capital, you can test your program placing order in our simulation environment.

- Fast, Secure and easy to implement

- Dedicated developer support

API Documentation

Trading API

Market Data API 

API Charges

Monthly Charges for API is INR 1000

API Dash Board