Depository services from Varun India, presents you a convenient and efficient way to manage your securities (shares, bonds, etc). Demat accounts are very much similar to normal bank accounts. In a bank account you deposit and withdraw your money. In a Demat account you deposit and withdraw your securities. The securities in the Demat account are kept in electronic form. The securities are bought and sold on stock exchanges via electronic messaging between broker and the stock exchange. The transfer of securities between your account and broker account takes place through the Depository Participant such as Varun India. Varun Broking India Limited formerly known as Varun Capital Services Limited is Depository Participant (D.P.) of Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).


Varun India give out, various benefits to the investors by giving investor a safe and convenient way to hold securities, instant transfer of securities, stamp duty is not required on transfer of securities, elimination of risks associated with physical certificates such as bad delivery, fake securities, delays, thefts etc, reduction in paperwork involved in transfer of securities, reduction in the cost of transaction, facility of nomination etc.


We offer De-materialization of physical shares and mutual fund units into electronic form.Re-materialization to convert the dematerialized shares and mutual fund units into physical form .Inter and intra fixed depository services to transfer securities from one demat account to another .Internet services for online access to demat account and research reports .SMS Alert Facility for debits and IPO credits in demat account.