Fixed Income Products

Sovereign Gold Bonds 

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Non Competitive Bidding (NCB G-sec) 

As part of the overall strategy of diversifying the investor base for government securities, the Government of India and RBI have been taking various measures to encourage participation of retail investors in G-Sec market including introduction of non-competitive bidding in primary auctions. In continuation of this endeavour, the Union Budget 2016-17 had announced, inter-alia, that RBI will facilitate retail participation in the primary markets through stock exchanges. In line with this announcement and in consultation with SEBI, Specified Stock exchanges are now permitted to act as aggregators/ facilitators for non-competitive bidding for government auctions in G-secs and T-bills. 

Following Government Securities (G-sec) shall for available for non-competitive bidding (NCB) in the primary Auction -

These securities are even tradable in secondary market on the Exchange. 

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Floating Rate Saving Bond,2020 (Taxable) 

RBI has started Floating Rate Saving Bond, 2020 (Taxable) from 1 July 2020. In this bond the rate would be decide or reset in every 6 month (1st July/1st Jan) and it will we NSC rate+0.35%. It has started with 7.15% from 1st July 2020 ((NSC rate (6.80%)+0.35%))  We are doing the same with HDFC Bank.


Cheque Should be in Favour of “ HDFC Bank RBI Floating Rate Saving Bond 2020 (Taxable)”


Attached herewith Application form, HUF Declaration form & HDFC Branch List


Capital Gain Bonds

Condition for Exemption from Tax U/S 54 EC:

REC Capital Gains Bonds

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PFC Capital Gain Bonds Series I

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IRFC Capital Gain Bonds Series I

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